Plantation Shutters Melbourne

In 2002, Plantation Shutters Melbourne started producing home enhancement products made with quality and durability.  Our products come from our factories located in Australia.

Plantation Shutters Melbourne works to provide a fast and efficient service to our customers.  We have competent and hard-working people equipped with experience and expertise.  Not only that, but our team of managers have years of experience ensuring quality control and expert craftsmanship.  We have a team of installers to provide accurate and prompt services.

We supply our customers with a wide range of shutters specifically fabricated to cater your needs and provide you privacy at home or at work with our great products.  Our different shutters are made of either timber, cedar or aluminium… shutters that are perfectly made for you.  The materials used are of high quality and the designs are elegantly done to add beauty to your home.

Our qualified and professional installers and sales experts are available anytime to serve you.  They can guide you according to your specifications and needs. You can also ask for suggestions from our people and they will be more than willing to provide you of our best products.  Our installation team works fast.  Just sit and relax and they will do the rest.

Plantation Shutters Melbourne has magnificent designs and superb services.  Making your home or workplace more private and safe from the prying eyes does not mean it has to be dry and monotonous.  With our products, you can have both privacy and elegance instantly, at a very reasonable price.

plantation shutters

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